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Dr Stean has an extensive record of success as an implantologist, with over 30 years’ experience, making him possibly one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK.

Implant treatment begins with a careful assessment, when X-rays and models are made, together with other tests as needed.

Not every patient is a candidate for dental implants, and other solutions will also be offered where a clinical choice is possible.

As part of his ongoing goal of clinical excellence he is a member of the ADI association of Implantologists and has lectured to that society on several occasions.

The use of implants is a constantly evolving science. A single missing tooth, from an incisor to a molar can be replaced with an implant. This requires not only a healthy patient, but also sufficient jaw bone to secure the implant. A 3D Xray scan will determine this, and Dr Stean can arrange for this at an early stage .

In instances where the bone is deficient various processes are possible to ‘augment’ the site with a bone substitute which nowadays is considered more effective than using the patients’ own bone harvested from another part.

Patients with no natural teeth at all can be completely restored with a full mouth of implant secured teeth.

Implant surgery is actually not painful and most cases can be successfully completed in the comfort of our well-equipped facility here in Kew.

Our nitrous oxide (‘Happy Gas’) analgesia is available to assure a completely painless and comfortable procedure.