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Crowns and Veneers

Ongoing advances with dental materials has resulted in excellent and stronger crowns and veneers, and some of these can be made free of metal bases.

It’s routine now to copy the colour and shape of al teeth so well that a crown or veneer can be indistinguishable from nature’s own.

We use Zirconia, which is metal-free, also E-Max ( derived from super hard glass ) in addition to the well proven gold and ceramic versions.

Howard Stean’s textbook on Inlays paved the way for the now common use of tooth-coloured materials to restore badly broken teeth without the need to drill away extra tooth substance. The track record of longevity for Inlays is excellent.

Dr Stean’s skills are demonstrated with a satisfied list of patients who desire natural and long-lasting smiles. In fact you may have not even noticed some of Dr Stean’s most famous work, because it’s on show regularly in the media, films and theatre.